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Clothing Displays

Clothing Displays
Over the last 50 years we have carefully listened to our customers and chosen maufacturers and suppliers of Clothing displays that combine Quality, Value and choice. They are perfect for the professional display of clothing either in a high end retail outlet or for exhibitions where we source Clothes rails and accessories that can be easily dismantled and transported. The last decade we have seen an increase in demand for portable quick assembly rails that take up minimum space but are highly effective and pleasing on the eye. Please view below Clothing display options most come with a next day delivery as standard.
Model: Fully folding reps rail
This portable rail folds down neatly and easily and comes with pull out extension arms and fitted castors. Supplied in a chrome finish...
Model: Folding travellers rail
Height adjustable from 35” to 60”, with two 12” telescopic arms.Total hanging space of 55”. All chrome with castors.Highly practicalSpace Saving..
Model: Fixed height circle rail all black
Fixed height. 28” circular top. All black...
Model: Childs bust form 3-4 years
Childs bust form 3-4 years..
Model: Childs bust form 6 months
Childs bust form 6 months..
Model: Childs bust form 6-8 years
Childs bust form 6-8 years..
Model: Childs bust form 12 years
Childs bust form 12 years..
Model: Female bust form long body
Female bust form long body..
Model: Female bust form short body
Female bust form short body..
Model: Male bust form long body
Male bust form long body..
Model: Male bust form short body
Male bust form short body..
Model: Headless mannequin Female arms at side
Headless mannequin Female arms at side..
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