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Garment Hangers

Garment Hangers

From outerwear to underwear, head to toe, children and adults, we stock garment hangers for every item.  Choose from wooden, plastic, straight or bendy hangers in a high quality finish which are strong and durable suitable for bedding, skirts, trousers, tops and jackets and much more. 

Please do get in touch with us if there is something you require that isn't found here, we will be happy to help -       

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Model: swt021
Our Best Selling Wooden Tops Hanger, 39cm. Boxed in 100s. Current Offer on 500...
Packed in 100s
Traditional wishbone shape displays garments attractively.With notches and a non-slip bar for two-piece garments and suits. 440mm (173/4”) wide. 70mm (3”)..
Starting From £0.73
440mm (173/4”) wide with notches. Light colour, varnish finish...
Starting From £0.66
Wooden hanger, sculped to maintain shoulder shapes. With non-slip bar for suit trousers...
Starting From £2.06
Very strong chrome hangers with a non slip coating on the bar drop to stop items falling off...
Starting From £3.91
A range of high quality, practical and stylish plastic hangers. All are available in black, white or grey. Boox of 450..
Starting From £56.70
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