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Steps & Ladders

Steps & Ladders
Help your customers, by providing your staff with the necessary kick stools, steps and ladders to safely reach stock and merchandise that is stored above head height.  The higher areas of modern modular shelving are often used for storing excess or additional products, particularly during busy seasonal periods.  We stock ladders conforming to BS EN131, stools and steps, and are happy to assist with any questions you may have.  Call our Stayfast helpline on 0800 002 9156 for any Steps or Ladders enquiry.
he large comfortable 90mm treads, anodised finish and double handrails have made this range of steps popular in the retail environment.The treads are spun into the side of the stile giving the step extra strength, but still light enough to handle comfortably. Suitable for daily commercial use. • ..
Starting From £71.76
Extremely popular top quality steel step with sprung loaded castors. Load capacity 150kg Dimensions 428mm (h) x 288mm (w)..
Starting From £56.08
Strong riveted deep serrated treads – light and easy to handle, but strong and sturdy in their construction. Suitable for light trade use. • Comfortable 78mm deep serrated • treads • Strong sturdy platform • Platform size 280mm x 280mm • 3-year warranty • 150kg work load capacity • C..
Starting From £41.52
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