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Propress PRO580 series steamer

Propress PRO580 series steamer

This model is designed for constant daily use - always ready to provide instant steam when switched from standby mode. Most suitable for volume processing in retail, wholesale, manufacturing, bridal and dress hire, quality control; hotels, theatres, drycleaners, curtain workrooms, furniture manufacturers.

Despite the PRO580's powerful performance it still remains light and portable, the robust outer casing is made from high impact ABS plastic while the fittings and boiler are manufactured from stainless steel - ensuring a long trouble free life.

The PRO580 has a 4 litre water capacity giving over 2 hours of continuous steam and features a standby setting, enabling the steamer to be left keeping the water hot until the steam is required. A run-dry alarm buzzer and safety thermostat provide protection if the steamer is left to run out of water.

All this combined with the unique lightweight Propress steam nozzle ensure outstanding results are achieved. Ideal for use in busy shops, bridal boutiques, dress hire, hotels, curtain makers and fitters, wardrobes, charity shops and fashion shows. Available with a choice of hoses for either fashion or soft furnishing applications, we recommend that the 2M hose is only selected if you are purely steaming curtains and drapes, if you are unsure why not give us a call?

Aluminium Nozzle Yes

Audible Alarm Yes

Capacity 3.8 Litres

Application Domestic, Clothing, Curtains, Other

Choice of Hose Lengths 1.65m, 2m

Cord Length 5 m

Empty Indicator Light Yes

Power Rating 1750W

Safety Cutout Yes

Standby Setting Yes

Steam Output 0.033 kg/min

Steam Time 125 mins

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  • SKU: PP-PRO580
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