Expanda-stand has developed a world class range of brochure display and brochure rack systems.

Our products include brochure rack systems, display trolleys, display carousels, business card holders, plastic postcard holders and wall display systems.

Brochure display systems come in modular designs and all brochure display systems can be mixed and matched to suit differing brochure sizes.

The modular design allows any number of display variations and the flexibility to continually alter or expand the brochure display system as the need arises.

A fully integrated expanda-stand brochure rack system offers you a solution to every imaginable display application.

Expanda-stand brochure and brochure rack systems are portable, flexible, easy to assemble and easily transportable to high traffic areas for maximum exposure.

  • From £62.95

    Expanda lightweight frame

  • From £2.94

    Expanda A4 brochure holder

  • From £2.31

    Expanda A5 brochure holder

  • From £4.41

    Expanda aluminium wall bar 450mm

  • From £7.88

    Expanda aluminium wall bar 895mm

  • From £0.74

    Expanda business card holder

  • From £0.74

    Expanda business card holder vertical

  • From £94.45

    Expanda carousels

  • From £0.29

    Expanda plastic wall bracket

  • From £1.58

    Expanda postcard holder

  • From £1.47

    Expanda trifold brochure holder

  • From £0.29

    Expanda universal base stand