Stayfast high quality counters are built to order from our own range of designs. The modular units allows you to change the configuration as your business demands; size, shape, fittings and finish are all specified to achieve exactly the performance and appearance you want.

• Stayfast counters are supplied in a range of attractive finishes with a choice edging colours.

• Toughened glass for safety in store and UV glass bonding technology for crystal clear frameless presentation enhance this innovative range.

• Options include door locks for sliding glass doors, and extra glass shelves.

• Counters are finished to a high standard - the quality is in the detail.

  • From £362.25

    1/3 glass display counter

  • From £1044.75

    2/3 Display Counter set

  • From £414.75

    3/4 glass display counter

  • From £241.50

    Cash and wrap counter

  • From £210.00

    Closed corner unit

  • From £540.75

    Crisp front counter 1500mm

  • From £614.25

    Crisps & Confectionery counter 1500mm

  • From £320.25

    Curved closed corner unit

  • From £257.25

    Curved open corner unit

  • From £31.50

    Extra cost for wood look finish

  • From £383.25

    Full glass counter

  • From £446.25

    Full glass 'vision' unit with rear storage

  • From £31.50

    Glass door lock

  • From £86.63

    Glass doors

  • From £362.25

    Glass open corner unit

  • From £61.95

    Lighting unit

  • From £210.00

    Open corner unit

  • From £178.50

    Till block 500mm

  • From £309.75

    Wall showcase